A picture of Michael Olson

About Michael

  • Background: HCI, Cognitive Science, Psychology, Linguistics, Computer Science
  • In my free time: cooking, reading, hiking, coding way too much.

I recently graduated from the SUNY Oswego Human Computer Interaction program
and joined Yale University as a UX Research Contractor.

I'm a highly motivated and enthusiastic UX Researcher with a strong passion for AR/VR.
I enjoy employing my technical skills to the ever changing landscape of AR/VR and
finding creative and intuitive solutions.

My Philosophy

Creativity comes first.

Creativity needs constraints, not refinement. Criticism and editing are retrospective tools that require context. To make the best decisions it's important to hear what everyone has to say first.

Live with what you can, Change what you can't

If you aren't working to fix something then you can't complain about it. Even then, it should be constructive.

Learn every day.

The day you stop learning is the day you loose empathy for anything that comes after. Experiences and knowledge knit humans together in a common bond that is necessary for user centered design.

Passion starts projects, Discipline finishes them.

Passion is a wonderful way to discover where your genius lies, discipline is how we ground our selves to make the most of it.

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